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The Miestentie School

This book is a presentation of work created during a Master’s level studio by students at the Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Together, we have tried to rethink the ways in which design education (and architectural education in particular) often deals with something so commonplace as “visualization”. The very act of producing an architecture book (along with its objecthood and archival future) is by choice a more open-ended response to the question. We have produced a book as representation of architectural work, thought, practice and imagination. After all, a book is something that a paradigmatic movement would produce, would it not? Thus, we have allowed the Miestentie School to become an imaginary playground, an extension to the Jencks Graph, a site for developing and commenting on the possibilities (or lack thereof) within the current architectural education, in defining the ways the discipline gets represented, seen and distributed.

The Miestentie School
© 2016 Tuomas Siitonen & Mika Savela
ISBN 978-952-68416-2-5
346 pages, softcover
297 x 210 mm
B&W and colour illustrations
Limited edition

Published by:
Selim Projects, Helsinki, Finland

Edited by:
Tuomas Siitonen and Mika Savela

Illustrations and text by:
Arvi Anderson, Salvador Hernandez, Hibiki Ito, Tigran Khachatryan, Matias Kotilainen, Toni Lahti, Thomas Laine, Teresa Mair, Heikki Myllyniemi, Maarit Peräsuo, Emilia Puotinen, Jere Pääkkönen, Iulia Radion, Mihkel Raev, Egle Rinkselyte, Sampsa Saari, Benjamin Schulman, Björn Sjulgård, Jemina Valli

The publication has been made possible with the support of:
Department of Architecture
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Aalto University