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Publishing Acts I

Pula Documents

Edited by Ana Dana Beroš, Rebekka Kiesewetter and Emil Jurcan
Published by DAI-SAI
Printed by Praksa Coop
September 2017

Publishing Acts is the result of a “temporary editorial office” experiment held in Pula, Croatia, 1-3 June, 2017, designed to produce instant, open-ended socio-political imaginaries about the city. The publication itself is conceived as a “social or institutionalizing object,” whose existence, nature and shape intrinsically refer to the existence of a collaborative and agonistic process of knowledge production. With the launch of such a project it can instigate further engagement with a specific topic and create a link between the discourse both before and after publication.

The experimental publication serves as an occasion to think about possible further development of the initiative, and as a catalyst for the Future Architecture - DAI-SAI pamphlet series on potentially radical transformations of built territories and the architectural discipline.

More context and background for the project is available in Rebekka Kiesewetter's essay From Exclusion to Autonomy: Publishing as a Spatializing Act published in Amateur Cities.

Emil Jurcan (Praksa Cooperative, Croatian Architects Association)
Ana Dana Beroš (ARCHIsquad)
Rebekka Kiesewetter (Depot Basel, website)
Leopold Lambert (The Funambulist Magazine)
Sofia Dona (Errands, Hiboux)
Mariabruna Fabrizi & Fosco Lucarelli (Socks Studio & MICROCITIES)
Mika Savela & Henrik Drufva (Selim Projects)